Fire Loss
From the moment we receive your call, our restoration services begin with one goal in mind: to restore your property back to its pre-loss condition or better as quickly as possible. Fire loss is especially traumatic, because the fire not only ravages the structure, but also those personal lives involved. We understand that communicating what to expect from this point forward until your home is restored is vital to your peace of mind. Restoring the personal needs is as high a priority as restoring your property to our staff.

Soot damages walls not consumed by flames, not to mention water damage from water used to put out the fire causes additional structure damage. There are many hidden costs of dealing with delayed clean up and extensive repairs. WaterMasters specializes in mitigating this “Secondary" or hidden damage. You can have confidence that all damaged components are addressed and repaired correctly.

With our in house Showroom located at our corporate office, materials selections are made easy and in many cases your home is upgraded or customized in areas that are restored.
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